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Seattle/Western Wash. News Releases for Wed. Nov. 30 - 11:54 pm
Wed. 11/30/22
Rainier Valley Leadership Academy: 2 Hours Late Start. Nest doors will open at 10:15am. Classes will start at 8:30am.
Rainier Valley Leadership Academy - 11/30/22 8:30 PM

Rainier Valley Leadership Academy: 2 Hours Late Start.  Nest doors will open at 10:15am.  Classes will start at 10:30am.

King's Schools - Seattle - 11/30/22 5:35 AM

School is closed due to inclement weather and power outages. Please continue to check email for more information.

Tue. 11/29/22
Weather Update
Valley Christian School - 11/29/22 10:11 AM

Due to the early snowfall, we are welcoming families to pick up students at any time. The weather report has predicted that we will have more snowfall in the next few hours. As the snowfall may be significant, we are encouraging our parents to pick up their children as soon as possible, especially those of you that live in difficult driving areas. School staff will remain in place until 3:00pm to care for those that cannot be picked up until then. We will be closing the Early Learning Center at 3:00pm today. There will be no after school care today.