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Seattle/Western Wash. News Releases for Tue. May. 30 - 3:24 pm
MEDIA ADVISORY: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Once-In-A-Generation Funding to Restore Landscapes Across the West
Bureau of Land Management Ore. & Wash. - 05/30/23 1:32 PM

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, May 31, Bureau of Land Management leaders will host a press conference to announce a planned infusion of significant federal dollars for ecosystem restoration and resilience on the nation’s public lands.

The work is part of the Biden-Harris administration’s Investing in America agenda and will help address the unprecedented challenges facing our public lands, exacerbated by the climate crisis.



Tracy Stone-Manning, BLM Director

Doug Vilsack, BLM Colorado State Director

Tomer Hasson, BLM Senior Policy Advisor


WHAT: Press call announcing planned funding for federal lands restoration and resilience initiatives as part of the Biden-Harris administration’s investing in America agenda


WHEN: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 1:45 PM ET


RSVP: Credentialed members of the media interested in joining, click here at above date and time.





The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land located primarily in 12 western states, including Alaska, on behalf of the American people. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of subsurface mineral estate throughout the nation. Our mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Banks & Credit Unions
Make the Most of Your Vacation with Budgeting Tips from Puget Sound Bank Manager (Photo)
Umpqua Bank - 05/24/23 2:00 PM
Tom Day, Greater Puget Sound Market Region Manager, Umpqua Bank
Tom Day, Greater Puget Sound Market Region Manager, Umpqua Bank

Create a solid saving and spending plan for your upcoming travels this season

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the unofficial start to summer: a time for outdoor activities, evenings spent grilling with friends and family and, of course, summer vacations. Whether you’re planning to hit the road or take to the skies, there are some important financial considerations when planning your next trip. As you dream about your next vacation, Umpqua Bank is offering tips to help you make the most of your trip with a solid plan to save and spend this summer season—and avoid falling victim to a vacation scam.

“We all deserve to take time to rest, relax and rejuvenate when the weather gets warmer,” says Tom Day, Greater Puget Sound Market Region Manager at Umpqua Bank. “But to make the most of your time away, it’s important that you create a plan and stick to it so you stay on budget, maximize your trip and return without vacation guilt.” 

Here are Tom’s top tips heading into travel season:

  1. Set a budget and plan your trip around it. Take a good look at your finances and set realistic expectations for what you can afford without accruing vacation debt. For example, if you have your heart set on a specific location, consider traveling in the “shoulder season” (outside of peak travel times, typically in spring or early fall). Or, if you’re just looking to get away, research destination options that may help you save. Remember: Your budget should include everything—not just the flight and hotel. Think about costs for meals, transportation at your destination and any excursions you’d like to go on. This will give you a far more realistic expectation of the total cost.
  2. Start a dedicated vacation fund. It’s never too late to start saving for your next vacation—even if it’s already booked. If your travel fund is mixed in with your general savings account, it can be tempting to dip into the fund for other expenses. Consider opening a separate savings account specifically for your vacation fund, which will help you keep an eye on exactly where you’re at financially. You can even set up recurring automatic payments from your checking account to this savings account to contribute regularly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it adds up!
  3. Use credit sparingly—but to your advantage. It can be easy to fall into the trap of using your credit card to pay for a vacation without paying it off right away, but that sets you up for fees and interest that add up long after your trip is over. You can, however, use a credit card to your advantage. Many credit cards offer perks such as earning rewards for everyday purchases that can be redeemed for airfare, hotels and more. And, a credit card often offers additional (and significant) advantages like trip cancellation coverage or no foreign transaction fees. Just be sure to read the fine print of what a credit card offers!

And, with these tips in mind, it’s also more important than ever to keep an eye out for scammers trying to take advantage of the increased interest in hotel, flight and vacation bookings. 

“Scammers are incredibly opportunistic, and increasingly savvy,” says Jon Stockton, Umpqua Bank’s Director of Fraud. “They are always inventing new ways to make something seem legitimate when it’s not—which means it’s important to stay extra vigilant.” 

Here are some helpful tips to avoid turning your dream trip into a nightmare—and a big headache—due to a vacation scam:

  1. Verify Your Booking Site: Before you book your ticket, do some research. Does the website have a verifiable physical address and phone number? Do they have any Better Business Bureau complaints that might make you pause? When in doubt, booking directly from an airline or hotel is your safest bet—but remember, scammers are getting more and more clever, so double check that the website URL is the verified site of the company you are intending to book from.
  2. Use Reputable Vacation Rental Services: Scammers often fabricate or even steal real rental property information to create fraudulent booking sites in an attempt to steal your information. If possible, call ahead to confirm a rental’s availability and speak to an actual person. And, use reputable vacation rental services that offer fraud protection.
  3. Utilize Your Credit Card: Using a credit card often offers you more peace of mind because they have additional built-in protections against fraud, including things like vacation protection. Be wary of the payment methods your booking site is requesting; if they require you to wire the funds or provide a cashier’s check, it’s likely a scam.
  4. Protect Yourself While You’re Out: Always keep your purse or wallet on you and in your possession when you’re traveling. Even a quick stop at a gas station or rest area is an invitation for an opportunistic scammer to snatch it. And, be sure to take note of any numbers or records you may need in the event you have to report a stolen or lost card to your financial institution. Remember: If you find yourself a victim (or suspected victim) of a scam, be sure to call your financial institution right away to start the process of reporting a stolen card or compromised account.

“Every year, we see scammers taking advantage of people trying to find a good deal,” Stockton says. “Just remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is—whether it’s a flight deal or an ultra-cheap vacation rental. Be extra careful and perform your own due diligence to verify their authenticity.” 

With these tips in mind and a plan in place, you can be confident that you’re maximizing your next big trip—and feeling good that you won’t come back with vacation-related guilt. 

Attached Media Files: Tom Day, Greater Puget Sound Market Region Manager, Umpqua Bank

Cowlitz Co. & Lower Columbia (WA) Schools
First Responders & Kelso High School Host Emergency Services Career Awareness for Elementary Students on May 31
Kelso Sch. Dist. - 05/30/23 2:56 PM

PHOTO OP: K-5 elementary students tour police squad cars, fire trucks, ambulances and learn how to fingerprint

In effort to bolster career awareness at the elementary level, Kelso High School is partnering with first responders in Cowlitz County to help Barnes Elementary students learn about careers in emergency services through hands-on activities.

Kelso High Fire Science, Health Science, and Police Science students will facilitate the following activities and tours in conjunction with local first responders:

  • Police squad car tours
  • Fire engine tours
  • Ambulance tours
  • Finger printing station
  • ID bracelet station
  • Obstacle course
  • K9 unit on site

Emergency Services Career Awareness
Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Barnes Elementary School
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM 


  • Kelso Police Department
  • Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue

Media invited to attend. Call Michele Nerland for information.

Kelso School District has a goal of 100% of students graduating high school and having post-secondary plans for college, career, trades, or military. Our mission is to prepare every student for living, learning, and achieving success as a citizen of our changing world.

Organizations & Associations
Involuntary Treatment Program Opening in Vancouver, WA (Photo)
Lifeline Connections - 05/26/23 11:28 AM
Common Area
Common Area


May 2023


Lifeline Connections announces the opening of Crisis Wellness Center’s ITA Inpatient Program, June 1st, 2023. 

ITA Inpatient Program is located at 5197 NW Lower River Road, Vancouver, WA. A brief opening ceremony will be held at 2:00pm with self-guided tours to follow. This will be the only opportunity for the public to personally view this beautiful new facility.

To RSVP please email keting@Lifelineconnections.org">Marketing@Lifelineconnections.org.

This program will provide safe, supportive care 24/7 for individuals detained due to an acute behavioral health crisis. ITA Inpatient is designed to address both mental health and substance use disorders in one program. Our interdisciplinary team of medical professionals includes Substance Use Disorder Professionals (SUDPs), Mental Health Professionals (MHPs), and Case Managers. This compassionate team of professionals will provide behavioral health assessments, individual and group sessions, knowledge about medication, and connections to community resources for support and continued stabilization. 

We work to enhance our patient’s quality of life, help them build resiliency, and restore and improve overall functioning. This allows them to successfully integrate back into the community.

Major funding for the new ITA Inpatient Program was provided by WA State Department of Commerce, The Taxpayers of Washington State, Carelon Behavioral Health, and Clark County Department of Community Services. 


Attached Media Files: Common Area